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Vala: Some sort of stasis or hibernation. Let's say it senses our presence and awakens hungry for human flesh?

Bra'tac: [towards the freshly married Rya'c and Ka'ryn] May well you like and fight like warriors. Just not with one another.

Director: No, we can't. We've presently proven that just one shot stuns and two shots kills, and Victor shot All people 2 times.

Dr. Lee: Perfectly, I mean, we will input the parameters for different scenarios, though the vast majority with the simulation array comes from the head on the person. The programming is in fact constructed by interfacing memories from the person’s consciousness Using the chair’s matrix.

Vala: These were being her ceremonial relationship bracelets. She would affix them to herself and her husband of The instant.

Dr. Jackson: There is no uncomplicated strategy to let you know this, so... Sam's just gonna arrive right out and say it.

Teal'c: Knowing your past experiences, Daniel Jackson, I do not know how you may have slept well before now.

[Teal'c has betrayed Apophis and all of the refugees have fled, leaving him standing forlornly in the chamber.]

Bra'tac: [immediately after Ka'ryn and Ry'ac abruptly close their wedding ceremony rehearsal] I can see why a person must rehearse these ceremonies... [he quaffs the ceremonial wine from the rehearsal]

Gen. Hammond: As far as what you told me, there is apparently an evil conspiracy Amongst the Tollan Curia, whose evident aim is to give us everything we at any time desired. That is senseless.

Col. O'Neill: Why will it generally should be a spiritual issue with you? Perhaps they're coming from a swap meet.

Dr. Jackson: Obviously, it cannot be a Strike Back show weapon in the conventional perception. See, ascended beings transcend ordinary Place time as here we know it. This product would have to do a similar thing.

Standard O'Neill: Now, see, which is one of several terrific things about becoming a standard. You practically get to do no matter what you wish.

Dr. Fraiser: Great! Invite him in. I am absolutely sure he'd like to have a bit of birthday cake that Sam went to all the trouble to bake.

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